Our History

REFOCUS Ministries Inc

REFOCUS Ministries Inc. is the result of a direct, audible, commision given to BB Rail by her heavenly Father. It was a like a "follow up" after being miraculously healed from a degenerative disc condition which had left BB bed ridden since July 1987.

BUT, SUDDENLY. . .on February 1, 1988 at 5:15 PM, the Glory of God invaded the darkness of BB's bedroom and the Greatest Physician of all, Jesus Himself, made a house call! This was an impartation of divine destiny from the Father who said: "REFOCUS OTHERS BACK TO ME THROUGH MY SON, JESUS CHRIST."

A free copy of Pastor BB's Testimony is available upon request


Living Stones Fellowship

LSF began as a fellowship in Fairfield, IA. The fruit of the wonderful miracle God worked in both my body and heart. The Lord called us His "Living Stones". Many times in the Old Testament, stones were used as land markers to remind people passing by that God had done something significant in that area. In the same manner, as God touches us and transforms our lives, we become "living stones", ie testimonies of the great things He has done in our lives!


Refocus Ministries Inc.

Refocus Others Back to God Through His Son Jesus Christ

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