The vision began with a prayer for 20/20 eyesight. Not just for our physical eyes, but for our spiritual eyes to be opened; for supernatural vision to see the things of the spirit. The Lord immediately showed me 2020 was a double year! I heard the King of Glory say “Open up the Gates, I am coming in.” God is bringing a new season of His Glory that will manifest, be visible, in our personal lives as well as in the nations!I saw the gates, as in Isaiah 45, when the Lord spoke to Cyrus ....  Read More          .  












The festival of lights, Hanukkah, ended last night, Friday Dec 18.

Such a timely reminder of how God can release miraculous provision

in the midst of the most dire circumstances. Behold 2020..

How mind bogglingt the entire world has been in “time out” since March.

Current news brought to mind 2 specificarticles I had posted back in

January re God’s heart for the new year of 2020.

The following is from a post Jan 7 “A Double Year”,

“God’s Glory will begin to expose evil, subdue nations, bring down and break 

....Read more....TRUE LIGHT

I saw several brightly colored parrots, lined up in a row, all talking at the same time. Their words sounded empty or flat, and seemed to be variations of the same thing.

As I watched and listened to them, it reminded me of a game we used to play when I was growing up. We would all line up or sit in a circle. One person would start by thinking of a word or short phrase and pass it on by whispering it to the person next to them. That person would then whisper what he/she thought they heard to the next person. The word continued to be passed from person to person. When it reached the last person, he/she would speak it out loud. Typically, we would all laugh at how much the original word had been changed!

This is too good not to share! I saw a revolving door, going around and around. People stepped into it, went around, then stepped out. The door kept revolving around and around. Again, people stepped into it, went around, then stepped out.

But wait …. I noticed something quite strange. These were not different people. Instead, the very same people kept stepping in and out, over and over again. How ridiculous- like what is wrong with these people!

Walking with God isn’t easy. Adam walked with God in the garden, until Adam thought he could get a better deal by being his own god.
It didn’t turn out well, and changed the path we must walk on today.

Amazingly, God still wants us to walk with Him. His requirements
haven’t changed. He continues to look for a pure heart; one completely sold out to Him in everything. We sing songs about God being our Everything; our All in All.

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