Our Vision:


The transition from ministering in a church for 23+ years
to an online ministry has been super challenging and exciting!
Hooray for technology! We've moved out of physical limitations-
a building- into unlimited access to the nations! Whether online,
in our local church, or in the marketplace, the vision is the same:
to speak truth.
The truth is that Jesus ushered in the Gospel of the Kingdom of
God, and it really is Good News! Everyone needs to know they
are created and unconditionally loved by a God Who accepts
each person as they are. His love is the power that changes
hearts, heals bodies, and does the impossible.
This Truth isn't a theory; it is a Person. My desire is to provide
everyone with an experience to encounter the reality of this God.
Prayer, prophetic words, signs and wonders are all to create a
hunger to know this God Who delights in each one of us!
"He delivered me because He delighted in me"
Psalm 18:19