Our Vision:

It is our desire to share the fullness of salvation through Jesus Christ with our local community. To effectively do this, we must first create a place in which the presence of God abides. Psalm 22:3 tells us “But You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.” The Hebrew word for “enthrone” means to “inhabit, dwell, abide, remain, sit down, marry…” How great is that! Therefore, first and foremost, we must create a place within ourselves for the fullness of God to abide. Then, when we gather together and corporately praise Him from a heart of worship, the Presence of Christ in us is magnified/multiplied, resulting in an atmosphere in which all things are possible!

In pursuit of establishing such a dwelling place for the Lord, we have made a commitment to do our BEST….

BLESS the Lord (in praise and worship)

EXPRESS His mercy (with good works)

SHOW His power (with healings and miracles)

TESTIFY of His love (share personal encounters)

In the simplicity of consistently doing our BEST, we purpose to do our part in establishing the Kingdom of God – as it is in heaven - here on earth.