• 8-26-2016
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In a small rural church in Vijayawada Area, India, Pastor Ratna Ongole has spent the past 15 years working with a population which, for the most part, not only lives so far below the poverty line even in India, but at a level that people in developing countries cannot even comprehend.

ratna kids.jpg

The academic year has started and children are busy going to school. They seem to be enthusiastic towards their scholastic life. They are in need of stationery and school bags. This is rainy season and there is regular heavy downpour and the children are often drenched in the rain. Consequently they catch cold, cough and fevers. Please pray that they are safe and healthy. They are in need of good nutrition. Please remember Pastor Ratna, the church, and the widows in your prayers.

In such an impoverished area, sufficient money to keep going is always a challenge. If you are able, please join us in helping provide funding for bills and necessary supplies. 

You can donate online at this website (Refocus Ministries) - mark it is for india / Pastor Ratna; or email him at