It's been exciting to follow New Heart Ministries mission trip to Europe.

Enjoy reading the Tanner's latest newsletter, MARCH 2015

Hello from Europe!

Declaring the praises of God

Dear Friends of New Heart,

Here we are with an update at the midway point in our Europe journey.
Right away I am reminded of Psalm 126:1;
“It seemed like a dream, too good to be true,… We laughed, we sang, we couldn’t believe our good fortune…. God was wonderful to us; we are one happy people!” (Message)
Our schedule has been very much non-stop right since our arrival. During our ministry times at the two drug rehab’s (Meilestei and Therapiehaus Quellenhof), the Fabrikli Regional Celebration and several house churches, we marveled at how God moved on the hearts of the people.

The focus has been on the importance of our testimony and forgiveness in all of our meetings. We were actually invited back to do some follow-up ministry at the Meilenstei, but had to cancel this meeting as the Lord led us to do some ministry with a couple whose marriage was in quite a struggle. This turned out to be a wonderful friendship opportunity and we ended up staying with this beautiful family for two days!
We feel that this trip is different than any of our visits here before, and have seen that God is using this time to connect us with many people. Besides our scheduled “ministry” times, we have been meeting with Suzanne’s family and friends from years past.
Each of the meetings has been like the buds of flowers that were torn open to expose the unexpected. And all of these appointments were indeed times of ministry in and of themselves. As the Swiss say, “Mega Guet” (Huge Good)!
After our discipleship training school in 2010 Suzanne and I had the great privilege to travel across Eastern Europe. Not only was this an opportunity for us to experience other countries and cultures, but it was also a trip with a purpose.
Armed with a 26-year old letter written in Slovak, Suzanne I and set out to Nizna Slana, a tiny little town in the Southeastern region of the Slovak Republic known as “The Valley of the Poor.”

After 46 years with no one visiting from the United States, we made contact and were united with my family there. We visited the home of my grandmother, the circa 1300 church where my grandparents and family worshiped, and visited the grave-sites of past generations of the Tomko’s (my mothers maiden name, now spelled Tomcho). We were treated like royalty!
But most important was that the Lord opened the door for Mark to share a time of personal testimony and to pray with those who were gathered there that first day. Mark’s words were translated from English to German to Slovak. It was truly a special time, a truly once in a lifetime moment.
Ever since that time, our hearts have yearned to return to my homeland to shine the light and shake the salt! The Slovak Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) was heavily influenced by communist rule. This influence can be seen today with the atheism that still permeates their society.
It has been our deep yearning to return to the Slovak Republic, specifically Nizna Slana and Poprad (about 2 hours North of Nizna Slana). Although we have no specific itinerary, we know that God is going before us and will provide us with special opportunities that only He can arrange. After our time in Slovakia our plans are to travel to Budapest Hungary and then slowly make our way back to Switzerland via Austria and perhaps Germany. Unfortunately, our time in France had to be cancelled.
As you are receiving this update we are now beginning this second part of the journey. We humbly ask you to please continue to keep us in your prayers for travel safety and opportunities to speak about Jesus.

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Blessings on you all,
Mark & Suzanne Tanner

Thank you all for your support, your friendship and your prayers. This all would have not been possible without you.